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Environmental Watch Subscription Information

Subscribers may view Environmental Watch On-Line, enter here.

You will be prompted for your user name (Corporate AAAE Member of Number
Environmental Watch Subscribers) and password (Corporate 5 digit zip code).


AAAE offers Environmental Watch, a comprehensive environmental education program. AAAE members participating in Environmental Watch receive:

  • a twice-monthly, 4-5 page, fax newsletter covering environmental
    regulations, legislation and litigation;
  • periodic issue papers covering topics like How to Hire a Contractor, Considerations for Providing Efficient and Cost-Effective Aircraft Ground Deicing Facilities and Doing Inventory Control Right For Underground Storage Tanks;
  • a telephone directory listing airport environmental personnel, current and future airport projects, federal and state environmental agency contacts and environmental/engineering consulting firms;
  • discounts on AAAE environmental seminars, workshops, video tapes and manuals;
  • free access to AAAE's environmental reference library.


Order Form

To receive a complimentary issue and paper order form, call the AAAE fax-on-demand service at 800-470-ARPT and request document # 3009.