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About ANTN

ANTN is the Airport News and Training Network, a subsidiary of the American Association of Airport Executives. AAAE is the largest professional organization for airport executives in the world, representing thousands of airport management personnel at public use airports nationwide. AAAE‘s primary goal is to assist airport executives in fulfilling their responsibilities to the airports and communities they serve.

A critical element of this endeavor is the delivery of training and information to AAAE members. This is carried out in a number of traditional ways—through the use of newsletters, a magazine, special reports and by conducting over 65 meetings and seminars per year, to name a few. Recognizing that video can be a powerful and cost-effective tool to provide training, AAAE developed and implemented a satellite-based business television network—the Airport News and Training Network—that began broadcasting in January of 1993.

In January of 1998, AAAE took ANTN one step further introducing ANTN Digicast, a satellite-based computer network with the ability to send aviation information and training straight to an airport employee's desktop PC twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A growing list of subscribing airports, now numbering around 100, use ANTN programming which is designed to provide subscribers with coverage of virtually every facet of the airport and aviation industry.

In short, ANTN is the information and training network for airports—providing information and training to aviation professionals every business day.

If you have any additional questions about ANTN or suggestions for improving this Web site, please E-mail us or call us at (703) 824-0500:

Jim Martin - Staff VP, ANTN/Special Projects

Pat Raker - Staff VP, ANTN

Wayne Miyata - Production Manager, IET

Mike Bachman - Manager, Television Production

Travis Barton - Senior Video Editor, IET

Amy Rolling - Editor

Bill Krumpelman - Senior Cameraman, IET

Celeste Ward - Video Editor

Jason Hilton - Customer Support Technician

Jim Saiya - IET System Developer

Hesse Mhango - IET System Developer

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