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ANTN® Digicast Info and Demonstration

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ANTN® Digicast In Brief

ANTN® Digicast is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week service that provides news
and video training to airports including interactive training programs.
The system has been designed to meet all the criteria for eligibility for
federal funding including allowing airport employees to take the interactive
tests and print out immediate results.

ANTN® Digicast offers much more than airport training video programs-it gives
you aviation, general and business news, and instant access to the AAAE
website, Airportnet, and the relevant airport information on the websites
maintained by FAA and NTSB. This feature alone will give airport personnel
a major research tool and access to regulations, right at their fingertips!
Airports will also find weatherinformation on Digicast, supplied by Kavouras
and updated twice daily.


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