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continuing education units

The CEU program officially began on January 1, 1998.

The AAAE CEU program is based on three-year cycles (one program cycle equals three years) in which Accredited Airport Executives (A.A.E's) must earn 55 credits in a three-year cycle, continually, as long as they remain active AAAE executive members, and as long as they wish to retain their active A.A.E. status (with voting priviledges).

Cycles will run continually. For those accredited before January 1, 1998, cycles will begin January 1, 1998, and every three years thereafter. For those accredited after December 31, 1997, each cycle ends three years from the date of accreditation.

  • Submit your CEUs
    If you've completed an activity that qualifies for CEU credits, report it here.

  • Questions and Answers
    If you have a question about Continuing Education Units, check here first.
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