Tenant Environmental Liability Issue Brief_________

Author:  Claudio Ternieden, (703) 824-0504


Whatís at Issue?

Airports have been faced with increased scrutiny under environmental regulations. Airports must be prepared to address both past and present environmental compliance issues and have in place the processes and protections necessary to address them should they arise.


Why is it Important to Airports?

Understanding environmental liability is imperative in the protection of the airport. The sharing of responsibilities between the airport and its tenants is crucial, particularly when the costs of non-compliance continue to grow.

Airports are continually faced with the consequences of both their own and their tenantsí past and present environmental actions. As the land owner, airport authorities have been forced to assume liability for cleanup of contamination on property returned to them either through lease expirations, terminations or bankruptcy. These liabilities have included costs for asbestos removal and abatement from existing structures, disposal of hazardous wastes left in vacant facilities and cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater. These costs have also included bringing existing facilities, such as underground storage tanks (USTs), into compliance with new regulations.

It is clear that establishing tenant accountability, protecting the environment and the airport are the major benefits of a proactive tenant liability program. All of which are relevant concerns for airport executives across the country.


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