GA Operating Rules & Regulations Issue Brief_________

by Margie Tower, (703) 824-0500


What’s at Issue?

It is an approved document that sets forth the rules and regulations for the safe, orderly and efficient use of an airport.


Why it’s Important

The implementation of Rules and Regulations in addition to Minimum Standards provides an airport sponsor with added control to restrict certain activities as necessary for the safety, preservation of facilities and protection of public interests.


Rules and Regulations restrict any activity or action that would interfere with the safe, orderly and efficient operation and use of an airport.


Major Provisions


·       Rules and Regulations apply to all persons who use the airport for any purpose at all times.


·       They should complement other primary guiding documents, such as Minimum Standards by emphasizing areas that are unique to the airport.


General Rules and Regulations that airports should address: Airport identification badges, commercial activities, self-service, accidents, solicitation, signage, general conduct, abandoned or lost property, restricted areas, use of roadways/walkways, animals, weapons and explosives, alcoholic beverages, public areas, trash and waste containers, fire, hazardous materials, pollutants, emergency conditions.


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