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Environmental Videos

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Interview with Tracy Back - 03/15/00
Interview with Tracy Back of EPA's Office of Compliance Assistance.

EPA Announces Arrival of TRANSOURCE - 11/01/98
Length: 6 minutes

Deicing Options and Issues: Clearing the Air - 11/01/98
Length: 13 minutes
Nancy Deibler, issues manager at Union Carbide Corporation, compares the performance, degradability, mammalian toxicity, aquatic toxicity, air emissions, cost to manufacture and disposal of different kinds of aircraft deicer/anti-icer fluids.

Environmental Management Symposium - 07/01/97
Length: 30 minutes
William Spratlin, EPA Director of Air, RCRA and Toxics - Region 7 William Spratlin, director of air, RCRA and toxics for Region 7 of the Environmental Protection Agency, addresses conference attendees at the Aviation Environmental Management Symposium.

Tenant Liability & ISO 14000 - 07/01/97
Length: 2 hours
Environmental Management Symposium - Sandy Williams with Richmond (Va.) International Airport; Doug Anderson of Anderson Development, and Tom Lemahieu of GIS Consultants, cover tenant liability and ISO 14000.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management - 07/01/97
Length: 1 1/2 hours
Environmental Management Symposium - Steve Meek of Burns & McDonnell discusses comprehensive risk-based strategy at San Francisco International Airport . Larry Falkin of the city of Kansas City, Missouri, reviews the lessons learned from his city’s experience with waste management.

FAA on Environment - 12/01/96
Length: 30 minutes
Louise Maillett, deputy assistant administrator for policy, planning and international aviation, discusses FAA’s activities in the environmental arena.

Cleaner Air, Cleaner Water! At What Cost? - 08/01/96
Length: 1 hour
ANTN traveled to Las Vegas for the 68th Annual AAAE Conference and Exposition earlier this month to tape, among other things, this important environmental program. Two prominent speakers discuss the complex and ever-expanding requirements for meeting clean air and clean water regulations; the do’s and don’ts, and strategies for survival in tomorrow’s tougher regulatory environment.

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