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Publications & Information-Environmental Meetings

AAAE hosts a number of environmental seminars and workshops. The seminars provide overviews of both current and future environmental concerns, while the workshops offer technical training on how to comply with specific environmental regulations.

  • Aviation Environmental Management Symposium

    AAAE and Great Lakes Chapter host the event annually. The conference is designed to focus on key environmental issues facing the aviation industry. Past issues have addressed storm water, deicing, underground storage tanks, etc. Presentations are prepared by industry professionals and environmental specialists.

  • Aircraft and Airfield Deicing Conference and Exposition

    Each summer, representatives from all sectors of the aviation industry gather to discuss and learn the new regulations, philosophies, innovations and technology surrounding deicing operations. There are also sessions devoted to environmental challenges. Topics include: Advisory Circulars; fluid reclamation; recycling and disposal; effluent guidelines glycol reporting, etc.

  • AAAE Law Seminar

    This seminar offers airport officials, lawyers and airport consultants an overview of all major federal laws that have an impact on public airport operations. There is extensive discussion on how to limit the public airport sponsor's legal exposure for all categories of environmental pollution. Included in the seminar is an overview conducted in association with Spiegel & McDiarmid, of EPA regulated environmental compliance issues.

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Workshop

    The intent of this storm water compliance workshop is to assist airports in understanding permit compliance and to help begin the process of developing a SWPPP. The workshop includes: descriptions of the pollutants found in storm water; a discussion of what a SWPPP is and how to prepare one; a discussion of how to develop and conduct an elicit connection evaluation; a presentation on the different types of Best Management Pratices (BMP's); a discussion on how to devlop and implement a monitoring program, and a discussion on how to develop and implement a construction SWPPP.

  • Environmental Audit Workshop

    Environmental audits can serve as an effective tool for obtaining site specific knowledge, limiting exposure to liability and fines and , when used correctly, can serve as a spring board for positive public relations with your neighboring community. AAAE environmental audit worksops give you practical insights, different perspectives and useful tools for understanding and implementing audits as part of an overall environmental compliance program. A comprehensive workbook is distributed to all attendees.

  • On-Site Environmental Workshops

    AAAE brings on-site environmental training programs to airports at their request, to provide site-specific information and to reduce travel costs. AAAE helps airports design a course with specific training needs in mind and conducts the program on-airport for an unlimited number of airport employees. AAAE works with the airport to establish a curriculum, to address local issues and concerns and to schedule the sessions. AAAE brings the instructors-including specialists, consultants,attorneys experienced airport executives and a comprehensive manual covering the subject matter- to perform the teaching on-site.

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