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AAAE Communications Group

A member service created to produce airport marketing brochures, economic impact reports, videos, annual reports, master plan summaries, special magazine inserts - and much more.

Did you ever think you'd have to be a marketing genius and public relations rainmaker just to run an airport?

Your airport is a public service. And now more than ever, you must develop creative and dynamic programs that remind the public just how valuable your airport is to the community. So you naturally solicit the help of local advertising and public relations agencies to help make your message fly.

(Or you try to do it yourself in between all your other responsibilities. Isn't it interesting how projects that get squeezed in seem to be the ones that fall through the cracks?)

But why pay Madison Avenue dollars to creative agencies that don't know your ILS from the AIP? Why overburden your already heavy workload when your community relations and marketing projects need extra special attention to reflect that creative pizzazz?

And why compromise on quality? Especially now that AAAE has gathered aviation's best writers, designers, photographers and videographers who know from an insider's perspective just how to package your message to get the most impact for your investment.

The AAAE Communications Group knows what you're talking about!

Why the AAAE Communications Group?

The American Association of Airport Executives has over 60 years of experience helping airport professionals meet the needs of their airports and communities.

More recently, we've built a top-notch team of award-winning creative professionals that brings you Airport Magazine, Airport Report, Airport Report Express and, most recently, the ground-breaking Airport News and Training Network (ANTN), broadcasting the latest in education and news programming to you via satellite from our state-of-the-art studios at ANTN headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

We have it all - the talent, the technology and the background.

The Agency Alternative

We keep hearing that airport directors and marketing managers need creative help that comes already packaged with a solid understanding of airport issues.

The AAAE Communications Group is the simple solution.

Our talented professionals have many years of airport-related experience. No other creative group can give you the customized understanding of and perspective on your issues and concerns.

The AAAE Communications Group is a full-service operation. We are equipped to complete your project from the written word all the way through to the final printed product* or videocassette. Or, if you choose to - or must - use local businesses, we can also build your preferred vendors into the project.

We're a no-surprises operation. We don't charge by the hour like many agencies. We're flexible and will customize our estimate to your specifications and work within your budget.

We're reliable. The AAAE Communications Group is solidly backed by the American Association of Airport Executives. Our creative team has long been affiliated with AAAE and its members. We're dedicated to serving your communications needs.

Give the Public What They Want

Now you can afford to produce professional videos, brochures, annual reports and a variety of special products that help your passengers, tenants and other users - or potential users - understand the valuable role your airport plays in the local economy and the entire national air service network.

The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few for starters:

  • A creatively designed brochure summarizing your airport's economic impact in easy-to-understand terms.

  • Your master plan distilled into a colorful four-page format to be distributed during community meetings.

  • An upbeat video highlighting all the passenger amenities at your airport.

  • A program that focuses on the economic, commercial and tourism benefits of your region. We can develop an entire campaign for you that includes a video, brochures and a magazine insert.

  • Your annual report, combining that valuable financial data with a lively, photo-filled profile of the airport and all the important people who make it run successfully.

  • An elegant brochure geared to marketing your general aviation facilities to corporations.

  • An entertaining, informative brochure or video describing your noise abatement and sound-proofing programs.

  • A slide presentation or video that will show scenes of your airport as you make live presentations before professional groups.

No job is too complex and no airport too small. All you have to do is tell us your marketing objective and your budget, and the AAAE Communications Group will do the rest!

* Please Note

If you would like the AAAE Communications Group to handle the professional printing of your publication the minimum order required is 1500. Due to the cost of professional printing in the Metropolitan Washington Area orders smaller than 1500 are more cost effective when printed by your local vendor or copy service.

If you have any additional questions about ANTN or suggestions for improving this Web site, please E-mail us or call us at (703) 824-0500:

Jim Martin - Staff VP, ANTN/Special Projects

Pat Raker - Staff VP, ANTN

Wayne Miyata - Production Manager, IET

Mike Bachman - Manager, Television Production

Travis Barton - Senior Video Editor, IET

Amy Rolling - Editor

Bill Krumpelman - Senior Cameraman, IET

Celeste Ward - Video Editor

Jason Hilton - Customer Support Technician

Jim Saiya - IET System Developer

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